2-speed EV Transmissions Will be Sensitive and Efficiency.

ZF looks at the mathematics and decides for several applications, 2-speed EV transmissions will be sensible. The EV(Electric Vehicle) transmission discussion for passenger vehicles has thus far – largely numerous reasons of cost, complexity and burden – been on the side of one pace. But ZF reckons it’s time to look again at the math, and it has determined that for several applications two ratios will be sensible. It appears a natural thing to do from the producer of a broad range of automotive components, since the Z of ZF stands for Zahnradfabrik: equipment factory. We’d an experience of the transmission in Lausitzring between Berlin and Dresden, Germany.

There, Stephan Demmerer, Head of ZF Advanced Engineering e commerce, plainly regarded the transmission as a paradigm change for both electromobility,; pun intended. A completely new design, the thinking behind its worth is its contribution to an optimum joint efficacy, currently claimed to be 4.7% better compared to that of a similar single speed. This may be honed if the sailing style, is linked through CAN communication of the car to a GPS/camera system capable to expect downgrades, corners, traffic lighting changes along with other predictive scenarios in both metropolitan or motorway situations. Additionally, it has scalability, embracing thicker and faster vehicles, and better tackles towing, clarified Demmerer.

The transmission also has an automatic mountain start capacity when both clutches are closed.

The compact 2 speed unit comprises shift and power electronics. At the prototype, the speed of 2 is supposed to deliver greater than 200km/h in comparison to one speed’s 160km/h from a series production 140kWh motor. The real intention is to maintain at the motor’s efficiency sweet place to decrease motor rotation speed. With longer range we could use a bigger battery, which reduces costs and weight, said Demmerer. The 2 speed transmission might be accommodated at a package very comparable to that of one speed.

So we’re developing a scalable and modular transmission and electronic motor set – good combinations!

Even though a smaller battery may be used according to an EV class, to acquire an overall fiscal counter, ZF has yet to clarify possible overall 2 speed unit prices including its power electronics. The key for much better efficiency is at a specific e motor, dedicated to working along with the 2 speed transmission, said Demmerer: A much better efficacy in the sweet spot of the efficacy map coupled with the 2 speed gearbox leads to an efficient system layout. A brand new e motor is also being developed with a maximum power rating of 140kW. The current situation of OEMs having to select between high initial torque or high top speed, can be solved by 2 speed usage. The 2 speed gearbox was created to deal with motors providing presses up to 250kW.


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