Achieving Engine Performance Better in Cold Environments

For construction equipment operating in cold environment while maintaining acceptable engine operating temperatures may become debatable. In these situations, reduce the minimum fan speed could be of significant value. Even when the fan drive is operating in a very low speed, it may be hard to get sufficient heat in the engine so as to achieve optimal performance.

By lessening the fan speed in these conditions, machine uptime could be improved as it might no longer be required to install radiator grill covers or other restrictions apparatus used to keep engine temperatures. Minimum fan speed could be challenging for larger fan drives which use a piston pump due to minimum margin pressure, or low pressure .

This pressure is directly associated with the minimum fan speed. Consequently, the capability to reach a lower operating pressure is going to result in a lower minimum fan speed, which contributes to better engine performance. Other fan drive configurations offer additional options and flexibility. Closed loop fan drive systems, and similar forms, coupled with closed loop control make it feasible to manipulate the control input to make a zero support speed condition for fan drive. This basically sets the fan motor on standby, achieving the lowest fan drive operation possible. Implementing new technologies may directly increase wheel loader operability in climates impacted by cold operating temperatures. When technology teams look for new ways to enhance power management and enhance motor performances, they should examine how a thermal control system is being applied. Taking into consideration the wheel loader as a complete, cohesive system could result in sudden improvements in efficacy.

Achieving Engine Performance Better in Cold Environments

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