How to Transport Your Bike Inside the Car

take the Bike in the car

With the arrival of good weather, it is time to enjoy the outdoors, whether on foot or by bike, but if you are one of mine, you ride the bikes in the car and look for a good path to enjoy it.

Many ask us about how to take the bike in the car, and sincerely taking it inside the vehicle is not the best option; you lose space in your vehicle, and it can also be dangerous for you and your companions.

Another reason why you should not carry it inside is that you can smear the upholstery with the chain or disc brakes, you can also go through certain places where you can give your bike a good cleaning.

In addition to those above, it is possible that, when carrying it loaded inside, the traffic agents can stop you, and what we least want is a fine for a bad restraint or for not carrying the protective grid.

For this, several bike racks adapt to your vehicle; let’s see which are:

take the Bike in the car

Porton’s bike carrier:

It is one of the options for people who do not own a towbar in their vehicle, and it is also one of the most economical for transporting bicycles safely.

As these bicycle stands protrude from the vehicle, between the bicycle carrier and the bicycles, it is necessary to carry a V 20 badge, many road drivers saw who do not carry it, and this can be a reason for sanction.

take the Bike in the car

Tow Hook Bicycle Carrier:

It is the one that we use, one of the most recommended for its use, since they have road lights and a license plate holder that makes it one of the safest if you are going to use it often as it is our case, it is the most right.

It should note that when you mount an accessory, the length of the vehicle is modified, and therefore the rear of the vehicle must be controlled to avoid dislikes.

In this type of bike rack, we have two formats, which are the most used, the two bicycles and the 3, according to your needs you can choose the model that best suits.

Among the things in which we must look at when buying a bicycle rack, it is that it has an anti-theft system and that it is foldable to be able to access the trunk since with the bikes loaded, we will leave the trunk inaccessible. If it is foldable, We can open whenever we need it.

take the Bike in the car

Before purchasing it, look at the poles of the connector of your vehicle, where the hitch connected to the electrical connection, there are 7 and 13 poles.

Another form of transport is to take it in the roof of the vehicle, but having to climb, at the end of an intense mountain day, to the top of the vehicle, your bicycle, is not very pleasant, the most accessible are the previous two.

It would help if you also took care of the choice of the bicycle since there are many types of trails and various difficulties. The choice of a good bike is very important, at present, they have reached the bike market that makes it easier for you, such as electric bicycles, which have a small battery incorporated, which help you in pedaling.

Please leave us your opinion about what bike rack you have or are going to buy in the comment box and what you look at when you buy them.

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