Tips to Help You Select Industrial Vehicles

industrial vehicle

With the proliferation of e-commerce, industrial vehicles for the transport of packages to destinations are becoming important in the transport sector.

More and more transport companies are requesting jobs to cover some routes, given that the increase in home orders has increased.

And it is that these orders, it is not believed to decline, if not quite the opposite, an increase of double expected from 2018 to 2020, this makes the demand for industrial vehicles such as vans or small trucks increase their demand.

industrial vehicle

But many currently lie in the world of shipments are unaware or are new in this sector where the costs looked per millimeter since each time maintenance or fuel increases the cost bill at the end of the year.

When the vehicle is on the road, it is a premium vehicle of these characteristics has a good consumption, since the largest bill at the end of the month is that of diesel.

Many of the industrial vehicles that saw on the road are average vehicles of the van segment since there is no regulated control such as the truck, which includes a tachograph for the recording of driving hours.

“The increase in these shipments has produced a greater accident rate of these vehicles, 41% more than in the previous years.”

For the previous data, we must also take into account the safety of our vehicles, as it is the means of work for people who dedicated to logistics.

 8 Tips for buying industrial vehicles:

1, The size of the box is very important, but not only the volume that we can transport but also the height and length.

2, The power of the engine: it will depend on the kilos that we will carry, as a general rule, if we are going to use the van to move kilos between distant cities by highway, we will need a little more horses so that the engine does not suffer so much.

industrial vehicle

3, The consumption: the largest bill of a van is that of diesel, we must seek the balance between benefits/consumption, the more adjusted less money in diesel per week.

4, Load wheels: they are special for carrying loads, withstand more weight, and are specially designed to last longer with high loads.

5, Maintenance price: the kilometers of our new van will expire very quickly, and each maintenance will cost us, so the cheaper we get, the better for our pocket.

6, Security: since accidents are increasing due to the pressures of the sector in the adjusted times, it must have at least ABS, ESP, and Airbags, as a minimum.

7, Comfort: the air conditioning is essential to avoid fatigue while transporting the load; it will help us to make the day better. It is also taking into account lately that it incorporates GPS.

industrial vehicle

8, The MMA: the amount of maximum kilos that we can carry, depending on the use, it is not the same to carry small parcels, than to transport irons.

Are you thinking of buying a delivery van? If so, what are you looking for for the purchase? Could you leave us your answer in the comment box?

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