What Types of Second-hand Car Parts Can We Use in Car

second-hand spare parts

Second-hand spare parts are an alternative for our vehicle when it comes to fixing the damage that we can find in it.

Many of these spare parts are original spare parts of the vehicle of origin, so we are assembling original parts.

These parts usually have a few month’s warranties to be able to prove that everything works when we mount the part in our vehicle.

Also, of the characteristics described above, these pieces are ideal because we give a second life to them that are in good condition, so we are.

second-hand spare parts

Many of today’s users are becoming aware of this movement, a movement like that of diesel that is on everyone’s at the moment, the government wants to tax gasoline with diesel taxes and equate prices.

The largest cities in the country also join the decarbonization of its population centers. But for many of us using public transport is impossible, since we do not have urban meters or a bus in our town.

Our means of work, transportation, and being able to leave our closest environment is the vehicle.

Therefore, the only thing we can do in our repairs to contribute to the environment is to use second-hand spare parts.

We have used many throughout the life of our vehicles. The first option when changing a component is to look for it first in a scrapyard.

Scrapping parts that we have tested and have given us a very good result and as a consequence, respect the environment:

second-hand spare parts

Engines and gearboxes: there are scrap yards that test the engines before putting them on sale, they are usually a bit more expensive, but they are the best choice. Gearboxes are also usually a good buy.

Interior pieces: it can be the seats, carpets, glove boxes, etc. Since over time the covers and materials wear out, we can find seats in the scrapping well and even a good price.

Tires: we can find tires for our car well priced and in good condition.

Spotlights: both front and rear, will be a good buy since new ones can be worth several hundred euros in current models.

Body elements: it is fenders and doors.

second-hand spare parts

Bridges: change bearings, pads or shoes and suspension

Alternators: although some require some small repair such as the bearing, as a rule, it is usually a good purchase option.

Starter motors: it recommended before replacing it to change the brushes that for less than three euros, we will have a new starter motor.

All this is we have been replacing in our vehicles, and we have had very good results.

Engine repairs are especial what you get the most profitability at the time of having to proceed with a repair. Many times because they have many kilometers or very little maintenance, the engines can fail, and a complete change of it solves, mostly the problem—saving parts and costs.

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