Tips to Help You Choose an Electric Car for Long Trip

electric vehicle

Is it possible to make a trip in an electric car by road? The answer is yes, it certainly is. It is only necessary to know where the charging points are and create a solid plan, so we will tell you exactly what you need to make your electric trip a resounding success.

Most people still think that electric vehicles (VE) are not for long road trips. Although not simple, the number of long-distance road trips with a VE has increased significantly in recent years. The number of charging stations is also increasing, so this will make it much easier in the future.

Take, for example, six students from the University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands who made a road trip with the Kia Soul EV. In 3 weeks, they drove through the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Monaco, France, and Spain.
It turned out that 85% of the charging points (especially those in France) were free. The whole trip (which was 4500 kilometers) cost them less than one hundred euros.

electric vehicle

Advantages of a VE compared to a conventional car

– Lower fuel costs
– Lower maintenance costs
– Easy to use.
– Environmentally friendly.
– Increase in popularity

One of the most important benefits of driving a VE is the costs and autonomy of electric cars. The cost of charging for a distance from point A to point B is less than the cost of fuel (especially diesel) for the same distance. VEs are simpler and easier to maintain and use.

Conventional fuel such as gasoline or diesel emits a lot of CO2, which contributes to global climate change. Fossil fuels are a limited resource, so there is no other way but to transition to cleaner and greener cars.

In recent years, we have seen important developments in the electric car industry, which makes a VE cheaper and more efficient. The future in terms of the autonomy of electric cars is bright.

The longer the reach of the car, the more expensive they are. If you do not mind planning a little, you can certainly get one of the cheapest and smallest cars by saving a couple of euros.

electric vehicle

  • Tesla Model X. Range: 475 kilometers
  • Tesla Model S. Range: 400 kilometers
  • Chevrolet Bolt EV. Range: 383 kilometers
  • Hyundai Ioniq Electric. Range: 200 kilometers
  • Kia Soul EV. Range: 178 kilometers
  • Ford Focus Electric Range: 122 kilometers
  • Regardless of the type of VE you choose, the following tips will help make your trip a success

Tip 1: Where are the charging stations?

Your trip depends on the charging stations, and the first step is to investigate and plan a route around the charging stations. This means that you do not have space to deviate from your route, you must rely on the autonomy of electric cars and ensure that the next charging station is within range.

Fortunately, we live in a world of applications, and these are indispensable when you travel on a road trip by electric car, so be sure to prepare and download the necessary applications on your smartphone.

Some of the best applications and websites you can use are:

  • Google Maps
  • VE charge map
  • ChargeMap
  • Going electric
  • CHAdeMO-map
  • Fastned
  • Element

electric vehicle

Tip 2: Become familiar with the different charging systems in each country

Unfortunately, you cannot use the same cable and charging card at each point. If you stay in a country, it is easier.

The charging points in France, for example, are different from those in the Netherlands, so you must request all the correct cables and cards from the car dealer from which you get your VE. He or she can also give you more advice about your road trip by electric car, with information about their autonomy.

Do not forget to request the correct credit card; this is incredibly important. You must join one of the suppliers in each country you want to visit, and it takes a couple of days before you can load your vehicle. Make sure you get all the information in advance.

Another option is the credit card and the New Motion application, this card gives you access to more than 76,000 charging stations in Europe. Countries include Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, and more.

Tip 3: Route or highway?

The routes are usually the reason why people make a road trip, however, with a VE, you should be careful not to end up somewhere in the middle of nowhere without a station (or house) insight.

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