AB Dynamics will Support PEGASUS New Testing Process for Automated Vehicles

AB Dynamics will Support PEGASUS New Testing Process for Automated Vehicles

Test systems supplier AB Dynamics has announced it’ll encourage PEGASUS, Germany’s new testing process for automated vehicles. PEGASUS has been demonstrated to standardize complex and synchronized AV testing situations, and entails OEMs/suppliers such as BMW, Daimler, Opel, VW, Bosch and Continental. TÜ, V SÜ, D, and an international technical service provider, will be accountable for the bodily proving ground tests. AB Dynamics will offer technology to repeatedly and accurately control multiple vehicles to ensure consistent and actionable test results. Especially, it’s applying its Flex-O by cable control course following for active advice, and its synchronization system for targets and tests automobiles.

In addition, AB Dynamics driving robots, directed soft targets and LaunchPad system will be utilized to create realistic testing situations. These tools bring test situations to life, said Andrew Select, the organization’s monitor test systems business director. Testing autonomous functionality necessitates extremely complex traffic situations involving numerous vehicles which are positioned correctly, Choose explained, the movements of which should be perfectly synchronized, otherwise the importance of information from repeated tests is severely diminished. Pick noted that

AB Dynamics will Support PEGASUS New Testing Process for Automated Vehicles

AB Dynamics GSTs might be used for situations in which there’s the potential for collision: Other background streams, with minimal risk of collision, can be populated by regular cars utilizing Flex-O control as a price and time efficient solution, Choose said.

Even vulnerable road users, like pedestrians and cyclists, can be included by mounting dummies on our LaunchPad or SPT motorised platforms. The movement of each entity is coordinated via our Synchro system utilizing TrackFi wireless telemetry. AB Dynamics may have two functions in service of PEGASUS. The company’s common software protocols and interface for desktopcomputer, laboratory and monitor testing will enable the direct comparison of results from various test regimes. Second of all, its assortment of complementary monitor test technology will allow autonomous vehicles to be tested price efficiently in proximity to a wide range of other road users and vehicles types.

Whilst the specialized building blocks for autonomous control exist, the task of training a self learning system to keep up with the intricacy of the real world demands new methods and processes, said Robert Matawa, TÜ, V SÜ, D’s lead engineer, testing and certification, highly automated driving. The criteria to which a vehicle will be certified, and even the test procedures to demonstrate compliance have yet to be developed and agreed upon. Matawa added that successful security approval for AV functions would require unlimited time and resources unless new procedures and tools have been developed. The PEGASUS project intends to provide them by creating a database of related scenarios from multiple resources, along with a common, full chain of tools to process it, Matawa explained. AB Dynamics provides lots of the major ingredients that allow us to meet this important task.

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