Music Business Program Launches in San Jose and Emeryville

SAE Institute, a world leader in creative media education, announced plans to expand its accredited program offerings, launching the Music Business Program at its campuses in San Jose and Emeryville, California.

Designed to prepare students for careers in the music and entertainment industries, SAE Institute’s Music Business Program is an intensive course of study that can help artists, producers, and performers understand how business and creativity can work together to produce quality and commercially successful outcomes. Beginning on March 27, 2017, the program will offer a 16-month Associate Degree and a 12-month Diploma at both campuses.

Students of the Music Business Program will gain an understanding of the operations of recording companies, music publishing, entertainment law, video production, multi-media technology, website development, marketing, distribution, and entrepreneurship for those who may prefer to start their own entertainment business. Classes explore the way projects are pitched, sold, copyrighted, produced, marketed, and delivered.

“I am excited about the direction our campus is headed, and for the new Music Business Program, which will prepare students for a successful career in today’s competitive music and entertainment industries,” says Richard Cox, Campus Director at SAE Institute San Jose.

SAE Expression College, located in Emeryville, is preparing to grow their existing creative media programs to provide students with the knowledge and hand-on experience they need to pursue fulfilling, rewarding careers in the music industry. “This is an exciting program for students who are interested in learning more about the business side of the music industry,” says Elmo Frazer, Campus Director at SAE Expression College. “Our instructors are ready to help students learn how business partners with creativity and develop skill sets like problem solving and critical thinking to help them in their career behind-the-scenes.”

SAE Institute’s Music Business Program has already seen tremendous success at its Nashville and Chicago campuses, providing students with hands-on, real world experience they need to pursue careers in the music industry. Through exciting capstone projects such as the Pigface art exhibit, a studio takeover, a double decker bus concert, and “Live Line,” a Chicago Transit Authority takeover, students have been able to practice their marketing, event planning, and project management skills, allowing them to put their studies to practical use.

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