SAE Expression College Helps City of Emeryville Gain Premier ‘Cultural Arts District’ State Designated Status

Creative media educator, SAE Expression College, a long standing member of the San Francisco Bay Area community, has helped the City of Emeryville earn the designation as one of California’s premier Cultural Arts Districts.
SAE Expression College was instrumental in working with the city to earn this designation. The campus hosted city and state officials during their tour of Emeryville, and students and faculty collaborated to develop multimedia presentations showcasing the vibrant artistic culture of Emeryville, including an overview of the college. As a result, SAE Expression College was listed as a creator of arts in the City’s application to the State.

Elmo Frazer, Campus Director says, “SAE Expression College and our students thrive on being a creative college dedicated to the production of arts. Our work with the City of Emeryville on attaining this designation shows our commitment to the arts community here in Emeryville and the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as our students’ desire to both be creative and civic minded.”

Located in this uniquely designated district, SAE Expression College is the only accredited degree granting academic institution in Emeryville. Students can find great benefit in studying creative media in a community that celebrates cultural arts and promotes innovation with its artists and creative thinkers of diverse backgrounds.

“The Mayor of Emeryville is a creative person and an integral part of the arts community. We look forward to our campus being utilized for community arts related activities, and for our students and staff to be recognized as creators of art,” says Mr. Frazer. “We are very excited about this designation. Our students played a critical role in the process, and it has brought us even closer together as a community.”

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