SAE Institute Celebrates 40 Years of Creative Media Education

SAE Institute, a global education provider of industry-focused, hands-on creative media programs, celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2016. Four decades of experience has brought SAE Institute a long way from their humble beginnings as an audio engineering school in Sydney. The company has grown into a global educator with 54 campuses in 28 countries and continues to expand as one of the world’s foremost providers of creative media education. Boasting an extensive global network, their alumni continue to become some of the leading industry professionals in their respected fields, winning a number of awards including numerous GRAMMYs®.

In 1976 SAE Institute was established when its founders decided to turn their small studio into a classroom. Despite humble beginnings it took less than 10 years for SAE to prove the concept of providing creative and industry focused education, which in turn led to rapid organizational expansion.

Following the success of SAE Australia, the first foreign campus opened in London in 1985. As they were able to do in Australia, SAE Institute proved to be highly successful in achieving its principle of providing a uniquely practical style of education to aspiring professionals in the music industry. Subsequently, SAE established its first European institute in Munich, which was to be the first of many foreign language SAE Institutes worldwide.

By the mid-90s, SAE Institute had firmly established their footing in Europe, Asia and Australasia and they continued their momentum with the launch of seven campuses in the United States beginning in 1999.

Over the last forty years SAE Institute has expanded upon its original audio concentration and now offers degrees and diplomas in a variety of creative media disciplines including animation, design, film, games, web and mobile.

SAE Institute’s Global CEO, Scott Jones, expresses great pride as the organization prepares to embark on what is to be a monumental year for the school. “It’s a privilege to work and lead SAE Institute, especially with the level of talented students and teachers I get to interact with on a daily basis,” says Scott. “SAE is such an incredible educational business, transforming and enabling the next generation of creatively talented students to reach their goals and dreams. In our 54 campuses across the world, we provide an environment where students feel a sense of belonging, working collaboratively and with industry, providing real world experience and a future opportunity for employment. Our facilities, constant innovation and industry leading programs further enhance the SAE experience. With the pace of technology innovation for both creative and non-creative industries, I am really excited about what lies ahead for SAE Institute and the next 40 years.”

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