Sonny Digital Visits SAE Institute Atlanta

Sonny Digital, a 25 year old producer/artist with a GRAMMY® nomination already under his belt, spent time at our Atlanta campus to follow up our new students’ orientation on April 1, 2016. Sonny Digital has several years in the industry already, and he has constructed an arsenal of hits for some of hip-hop’s most prominent names.

During his visit, Sonny Digital spoke candidly with students about his experience, taking an informal approach and allowing the audience to participate and shape the dialogue. One of the first questions centered around his role in the “Racks” debacle that conversely played a role in his success thus far. The hit song included artists YC and Future, and as the track gained success, the two artists were left in a dispute over the rights. Sonny had sold this beat for a mere $300 and was not involved in the feud, but learned a lesson he shared with students: always consider your brand in every project. With “Racks,” he excluded his infamous “Sonny Digital” tag, which prevented him from getting attention he deserved and slowed his establishment in the industry.

When asked about music publishing deals, Sonny emphasized the need to do your due diligence. He was sincere in expressing his discontent for policies involving publishing rights and explained the inevitability of artists becoming a part of the music-publishing pendulum between exposure and exploitation. Artists must look out for themselves and research the details of deal before signing.

Ultimately, Sonny Digital provided an open forum for students and alumni in attendance to engage in a substantive musical dialogue. He was generous enough to go beyond the normally scheduled time frame, staying to answer more questions and take pictures at request.

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