The Legal Height of LED Car Headlights in Texas

LED Car Headlights

Although most vehicles purchased from a manufacturing company meet the requirements of Texas headlights, drivers are responsible for ensuring that Its headlights adhere to state law. Drivers of custom vehicles should take special care to ensure that their headlights meet these requirements.


Texas law requires headlights for all motor vehicles between 24 and 54 centimeters from the ground, measured from the center of the light, or a lamp. This law applies to all vehicles, including passenger vehicles, motorcycles, and mopeds.

LED Car Headlights


Vehicles must have headlights that meet the state’s height requirements to pass an inspection of the Texas vehicle. For example, 9004 led bulbs that are not legal height will result in the inspection of failing vehicles until the problem resolved.


The Texas Department of Public Safety notes what steps should take when the vehicle is parked on flat ground and is not carrying a load. The department also notes that drivers who have altered the height of their vehicle should ensure the lights meet the requirements of the stat. Since there is no exemption or exception to the law for vehicles that have altered.

LED Car Headlights


If you want to find out which bulbs fit your vehicle, you can call around to the various suppliers in your area. It is a good way to what they are able to offer and whether they are in your requirement. But you must ask them how long to light up the new bulbs. The right headlight supplier will be able to help you with this upgrade easily.

Save energy

There are lots of ways for the led headlight to enhance your vehicle performance. LED bulbs would not give off heat like the halogen. Because they are an efficient form of lighting. All the energy is used for generating light by the bulb. Compared with halogen bulbs, halogen bulb would release a lot of the energy as heat. Therefore, the LED bulb can help you save fuel to power them, which improves the performance of the car.

LED Car Headlights


It is not a difficult task to install the led headlight bulbs. The installation just needs tools that are easily available and easy to handle. The real issue for you is the wiring system, they might not delivering current or power required to properly run higher wattage bulbs. However, an LED bulb does not sensitive to a change in voltage and current.

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