Tips to develops a tire that can inflate as you drive

develops a tire that can inflate as you drive

Within the framework of the last Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA), the Continental tire multinational presented its conceptual proposal Conti CARE. It integrates technological solutions to transmit useful information for the future management of autonomous driving fleets, as well as to generate inflation pressure as the vehicle rolls.

The structure of the Conti CARE tires integrates sensors, which are responsible for generating and evaluating data permanently, related to various product variables, such as tread depth, possible damage to the assembly, temperature and filling pressure.

This control system, which is called ContiSense, can transmit this information, via Bluetooth, to a remote control station through an application (ContiConnect Live), which facilitates efficient mobility management for fleet operators, favoring performance and optimizing costs.

develops a tire that can inflate as you drive

This tire prototype also has PressureProof technology, which uses a pair of pumps, driven by the centrifugal force. That is produced inside the wheel while it rotates in such a way that compressed air generated. That keeps the tire pressure and within the ideal level, which also promotes the sustainable reduction of CO2 emissions.

The excess of compressed air that the system can generate stored in an integrated tank. It is available to be sent to any tire, in case any eventuality in the filling pressure recorded. At this point, there is PressureBoost technology, which allows this pressure to be adapted when considering the different driving situations. Besides, you need to check the 9140 led headlight bulb before driving to make sure it is in good condition.

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