Are the Blinding Aftermarket Headlight Legal or not?

Distracting bright headlight, capturing the eyes of drivers, law enforcement and law markers. Your are seeing that they are brighter, extending out at a greater distance. Per law, no vehicle can have any type of color headlight other than white or amber in the front, and starting in July, Kentucky will have the same law on the books, banning colored headlights.

Car lighting specialists say many customers make legal upgrades to make them brighter. This is a halogen , in 80% of vehicles nowadays, and then this is an LED car lights, which most customers want to upgrade.

But the problem typically comes during the installation, if a new light is put into a headlight incorrectly, it might be blinding. If they don not know per sewhat, they are doing on the installation side, and they know to angle the headlights down a little bit, people could be causing problems with oncoming traffic.

Many can be bought online and installed at home. It can create sometimes maybe blinding effect, maybe you’d say that the other driver feels your brights are on at the time. Some cars take lighting to the extreme. So all of his lights in this vehicle are able to do up to about 1000+ colors.

Color combes like this , as an accent are legal but have kill switches for driving. The best advice, if you are upgrading your halogen bulbs, pay attention. Some body’s blinking at you, chances are you should probably aim your headlights, adjust them down.

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