SAE Chicago Students Takeover Martin Atkins’ Studio

Martin Atkins is our eccentric post-punk educator extraordinaire and he’s done it again.

Martin has launched a new project aimed at giving 8 students in the Music Business program a jump start into the real world of music management and production. These lucky 8 are getting the chance to takeover “The Mattress Factory” Martin’s studio opened in 1992 – the year some of these students were born.

The students participating in this project set their own hours and generate new business ideas for the studio. If their ideas yield new business opportunities for the studio they can earn the chance to further maintain and develop them.

“The energetic self-starters are immediately hirable, but the students who are more meticulous and process-oriented are valuable, too,” says Atkins. “Both of these types of employees – the visionaries and the functionaries – are in demand among companies in the business of music, and I’m looking to give the most talented ones a chance as they begin their careers.”

So far the students have started their own eBay store selling music memoribilia in order to generate income for the studio and their efforts can be followed on Twitter at @takeover_studio and Instagram at @studiotakeover.

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